Fitness Smart Bracelet H3

Model No: H3

H3 fitness tracker smart bracelet is all you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a smarter way. This smart activity bracelet track steps taken, active minutes and sleep hours and display the stats on a bright, easy-to-read display screen. With its smart notification feature, you can see important notification at a glance by keeping your phone out of your sight.  With sleep monitoring, it automatically tracks how well and long you sleep so that you can see your sleep stats and can set a better routine.

H3 let you have an active life by reminding you about your feed reminder and event alerts. This smart bracelet fitness tracker is your perfect sports companion. To know more about our fitness tracker bracelet dealership & partnership policies contact us:

Smart Fitness Bracelet-H3


step monitoring device


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    Heart rate detection: Monitor your heart rate and maintain a healthy lifestyle

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    Daily activity: Easily track your daily activity like steps taken, distance travelled and calorie burned on your screen.
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    Monitor your sleep: Monitor your sleep time and sleep quality for an active start.
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    Reminder: This device comes with an anti-lost reminder, alarm clock, event reminder and activity reminder.
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    Share on social media: Now you can easily share your daily activity on social media in just a tap.
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    SUOTA function: Upgrade your wearable bracelet firmware through the APK/APP.
  • Synchronous data to mobile applications: Synchronize your tracked data on your mobile phone applications.


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    Active lifestyle
    View the track of your daily activity like hours spend on exercise, steps taken, distance travelled and calorie burned.
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    Incoming call vibration & APP notifications

    Get the call and app notifications directly on your smart fitness bracelet

  • Heart rate/Blood pressure/Sleep monitoring

    To maintain healthy lifestyle it is very important to have a track of your health. Monitor your sleep, heart rate and blood pressure directly with your smart bracelet watch.

activity tracking gadget
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    Remote camera

    Take a picture of your hard workout. With a remote camera, you can like pictures with your wearable device.

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    Fast and stable Bluetooth products

    Inbuilt Bluetooth feature let you device stay connected wirelessly.

  • Android and IOS system compatibility
    Compatible Android and IOS system

    No more incompatibility issue. This Bluetooth smart bracelet is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

H3 is a smart Bluetooth activity bracelet that is designed to track your daily movements. Get ready to reshape your day-to-day life and stick to your fitness goal. This tracking device comes with advanced fitness features like activity logger, steps taken, sleep tracker, heart rate monitor, blood rate etc. This is your perfect companion to accomplish your fitness goal. Apart from tracking your fitness goal, this device displays incoming call and notification directly on your fitness bracelet.

Basic parameters


Bluetooth Version BLE 4.0
Bluetooth Chip Dialog 14585
Screen TFT 0.96 inch (160*80)
Motor Vibration remind
Charging Interface PSuction-cup charger
G-sensor BMA223
Antennas FPC antenna/Ceramic antenna
Waterproof IP68
System requirements Android 4.4 and above, IOS 8.0 and above

How it works

Step 1

Download the APP

Step 2

Install to the car

Step 3

Drive and data collection

Step 4

Receive and analysis the report

A wristband that let you wear fitness your way

As a personal fitness band, H3 fulfills all your fitness need. This is a health and fitness platform that captures
your daily movement data and displays it on your iOS or android device. Our wearable device comes with
some outstanding features like Heart Rate monitor, sleep monitor, intelligent lock, long battery life etc.

Live a lively lifestyle

A part from daily activity tracking this unique wearable device comes with one additional motivation feature
feature – social media share. Daily share your workout track and exercise plan to your social media account.
Motivation is another encouragement through this feature we are helping user stick with their fitness goal.

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