Why car rental Companies in Asia should embrace GPS OBD tracking solutions?


Rental companies offer high-priced cars to all kinds of customers for varying time periods. There is a pressing call for these companies to keep track of their assets to shun damage and enhance profitability.

In order to serve these kinds of car rental companies, we at ThinkRace Technology provide the GPS OBD ii tracker. This tracker is compatible with almost 95% of cars and diverse models. Easy to install, this OBD tracker needs to technician. Just simply put the OBD tracker in OBD port and track the real-time location of your vehicles.

The types of advantages that OBD vehicle tracking devices deliver are:

Easy Retrieval in the Case of Theft

Vehicle theft causes enormous financial damage that is not inevitably covered under insurance. Customized tracking solutions with remote vehicle monitoring facilitate quick retrieval of the lost asset. This saves time and human effort concerned in the case of vehicle theft. With real-time tracking, you can accurately know the exact position of your vehicle and save yourself from unwanted loss.

Restricting Access to Unauthorized Areas

Every rental firm describes a set of terms and conditions for customers who are renting the cars. One of the most significant terms of mutual agreement is driving within a predefined territory. This may be pertaining to crossing borders or state lines. The OBD GPS car tracking systems are the best solution to avoid such violations. Equipped with GEO-Fencing feature, this OBD car tracker notifies the owners, whenever the car leaves or enters in predefined zone. You can set the virtual boundary as per your requirements.

Avoid Rental Abuse in Any Form

Theft is not essentially the only deterrent to the company’s profitability. Several malpractices like bad driving behavior, unnecessary engine revving, swerving and speeding lead to vehicle damage and in some cases serious accidents thus impacting both the customers and rental firms. With GPS tracking, rental companies can secure real-time tracking capabilities and an electronic footprint of the vehicle use that can be helpful during de-fleeting.
With the help of multiple-alarm features, get alerts of pre-diagnostic of your vehicles and keep your fleet well-maintained.

Why ThinkRace Technology

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